SAPUI5 Tutorial

SAPUI5 is also known as UI Development Toolkit for HTML5.
It is a UI framework provided by SAP to create modern Web business applications, responsive across all devices and compatible with all modern web browsers.
SAPUI5 framework is based on various open source UI technologies HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery.
With this tool, the front-end development is completely decoupled from the backend development.
Definitely SAP has invested lots of resources to create this extremely versatile and powerful framework that gives all the necessary controls and tools to create rich User Interface for customer delight.
In future, SAP is using SAPUI5 extensively to create its applications.
In this series of tutorials we will learn the most important concepts to get started with SAPUI5.
Consider this SAPUI5 page as a road-map to learn SAPUI5.

SAPUI5 Tutorials

If you are new to web application development, then you must first make yourself familiar with the three building blocks of web development: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These languages plays very important role in SAPUI5 application development, hence getting familiar with them is important. The below links can be read to get understanding and familiarity with these languages.

Basics of HTML for SAPUI5 developers

Basics of CSS for SAPUI5 developers

Basics of JS for SAPUI5 developers

Now that you have the basics of web application develpment, you have to setup the environment to work on SAPUI5. Follow the below article to setup the development environment for SAPUI5.
How to install SAPUI5 in Eclipse - Step by step (For Beginners)

Now we have the development Environment ready, lets create our first SAPUI5 application.
Below article explains what is MVC architecture and how SAPUI5 follows MVC architecture.
MVC architecture in SAPUI5 application (For Beginners)

Here we create a SAPUI5 application on Eclipse. Go through this article if you have never created any SAPUI5 application.
Create your First SAPUI5 Example on Eclipse based on MVC pattern(For Beginners)

Create your next application using SAP WebIDE. The reason I immediately introduced SAP WebIDE is becuase you become familiar with both the IDEs Eclipse and SAP WebIDE. Take your time to understand the difference between these two IDEs.
Create your First SAPUI5 application in WebIDE(For Beginners)

Connecting trial SAP HANA Cloud Platform with the Cloud Connector( For Begineers)

Understanding SAPUI5 resource path
Tutorials to Get started with SAPUI5 for Beginner